My maternal instinct was right - IT'S A BOY!!


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May 31, 2005
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:D :D :D i am so chuffed! just as i have thought from the beginning, it was undoubtedly a boy!!! it was so obvious i saw it before the sonographer pointed it out! :D :D :D OH was so proud when he saw the size of the willy - he said "he must be taking after his daddy!", cheeky sod!!

the scan was fantastic, the sonographer was so thorough and pointed out everything he saw (but it was quite clear anyway so i saw what everything was, OH needed some help in understanding it though!). baby was being awkward when they looked for his heart, so in the end i spent extra time in there, 45 mins in total, while they tried to get him to move!!! i'm not complaining, i got to look at may baby boy for longer!!! i've had a huge grin plastered on my face all day!!

i've struggled posting the pictures on my blog site - think the site is having problems, but once i have done it i will tell you and you can follow the link to have a look!
Aww congrats Petchy.

I had my scan on Friday and I was in and out within 20 minutes. We weren't asked if we wanted to know if it was a boy or girl and we had decided to have a surprise this time anyway - so all we know is that we have a healthy baby in there! The sonographer was very matter of fact and did all of her checks with me not being able to see the screen, she then turned it round so that I could see, but I don't feel as though I saw as much as I would have liked to. Baby was not very active either - which would have been nice. Still its great to know that everything is ok - isn't it.

Thats great, were getting a little girl, so so so so happy!
good luck xx
ok, i've posted the scan pics on our blog site which is:

click on this link or on the one in my signature to go have a look!! :D

we are now testing the name we have 99% decided on (Ruben) to see if we still like it in a few weeks time! i love this name so far but want us both to be 100% sure though!
congradulations on your little baby boy!!!!!
Take care Katrina :D
I was determined that I was having a boy as well.

I have now bought my first blue outfit. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Congratulations !!!

Love the pictures on the site, that one that you said looked like a ghost is amazing !! Mine were never as clear as that. Well my gut feeling that this little wriggler is a boy too, so perhaps I will be right too. Sadly dont tell you sex here in Milton Keynes so will have to wait.

Ragna xx (yes very norweigan name!, my ancestors are from Norway)

P.s. Nursery is great and you did a Fantastic Job with the Floor !!
Hi Petchy

I know i spoke to you yesterday but congratulations again.

Ruben is a lovely name.

Youre lucky i cant seem to grasp putting the photos on the computer. i will have to ask my SIL for help.

Congratulations once again

thanks for your replies everyone! isn't it weird how maternal instincts are often right? (well in fairness there's a 50-50 chance of getting it right i suppose!! lol)

i was wondering if perhaps you had family in norway ragna, with a name like that! is that far back or recent family?

i'm glad you like the name ruben davina, i get more and more sure it's "the one" every day!

we let ruben listen to some music through the headphones yesterday (some R&B), and he went mad dancing in there! it was so funny. weird, the kicks have gotten stronger just since after the scan, as if he is saying "ok, i guess you've seen me now, there's no point trying to hide and be quiet anymore..."
I love the name Ruben, so much so that I was almost disappointed I was having a girl lol - only joking, but seriously, it's the name we had 100% decided on. We're stuck now as we didn't have a girls name, even though I really wanted a girl! Maybe Ruby???
Kim, I think Ruby is a beautiful name for a little girl. Ruben is a lovely name for a boy. I really really like that. However family tradition says if we have a boy then he is called something with the initials A J, so we keep this up and our little boy would be called Aidan James Jorgen (the Jorgen is after my late father who died 2 years ago) and if we have a girl Sophie Rae, no reason we just love the name.

Petchy, Yes we have family somewhere near Bergen, our family originate from Slavanger..(something like that) and I have heaps of Victorian Norweigan Photographs. My grandmother was a Rasmussen and her mother a Soeter. And guess where I used to live...(small world) Lutterworth and Barwell in Leicestershire so know your area pretty well (my nephews live in Leicester my sister in Hinckley!!)

Ragna xx
ragna - it really is a small world! OH's sister lives in barwell and his brother in hinckley! i have a friend in hinckley who is originally from stavanger and my sister now lives in bergen (she's at uni) and i'm going over there to see her 1st weekend in november! :D
Wow Petchy

Was laughing out loud here reading your post. I used to live in Hereford Close Barwell nearly 20 years ago. My sister lives very near Asda !!

Totally digressing off the subject but once I was playing on against a person in Canada Cribbage. We got talking and she said she had once visited the UK. I said Oh where. She said Surrey. I said I come from Surrey originally. She I went to Woking. I said..I lived near Woking in a tiny village. She said I stayed in a tiny village near Woking called Send. (i nearly fell off the chair) I asked her who she stayed with and I knew them, I said when did you come to UK. She told me time and I said you probably knew my brother, he was in the army but was always home on leave. She then said NOT Jorgen. !!! She had actually been going out with my brother !!! How wierd was that !!!

Ragna xxxx

I live in Send!

Well technically Send Marsh :D :D :D :D :D

But my parents lived in send for about 15 years!
laydees, this world is now declared officially TINY!! :D :D
Sarah Wow.

Well I lived all my life in Send and my Mum still lives there and we visit regular. I know Send Marsh very well as my sister used to live in the Big Manor house on the Green in a flat back 30 years ago. I used to also baby sit for people in Send Marsh !!

Always amazes me how small this world is !!!

ragna xx
to make it easier and save you from going to the blogsite:



:D :D

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