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May 2, 2005
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Hi i started a new post a few weeks ago but i was just wondering if anyone has had negative tests but still been pregnant, and how did you find out.

you read about these that didn't even know they were pregnant and still had periods!! lucky people

If anyone has any stories then i would like to hear them, it keeps my hopes up

Amy's Mum :D
I had that thought too last month.

I came on but had felt SO pregnant leading up to it. I am now convinced that every month I am going through a phantom pregnancy and convincing myself that I must be pregnant, I guess because I want to be so badly.

This month I have decided to chill out a bit more..............easier said than done.

Would love to hear from anyone else with info on this.
Every women in my family (figuratively speaking) has had strange pregnancies. I have a cousin that was 6mos pregnant (thought nothing of unusual cycles or missed periods due to PCOS) and felt a "wiggle" in her stomach. She took a test and found out! 6 months along!! My mom was 8 wks pregnant with 5 BFNs and a dr.s Urine test BFN! Finally a blood test proved positive. So, there is hope! I hope I carry on the strange legacy.

Baby dust to all of us!!

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