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last 5 days in 2nd tri


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Jul 1, 2007
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arrrgh im scared, its the last stretch now before actually being a mummy. TBH this forum has helped me ALOT!! i started off being very scared as i didnt really want kiddys but reading and chatting to people on here and the helpfull advise off people has put me at rest, im not even scared about the labour!! :rotfl:

does anyone else think that this part goes soooooooo quickly though? it wasnt long aso and i was introducing myself in here and now im leaving in 5 days!

to those who have just started in here, all the best xx dont worry, the sickness will go eventually :hug: enjoy the time esp when you feel the first kicks, the bump growing and laughing about peeing yourself :rotfl:

You can come over with me, i'm scared of the 3rd tri....
I'm off to third tri on Thursday..I'm really nervous, unlike you, I'm sh*tting myself at the thought of labour! The time in 2nd tri (14 weeks!!) Has flown by, and I can't believe there are people in first tri whos due dates are in August!
yaaay we can go together and bombard them :lol:

i am scared of 3rd tri, its like the last part and your know whats going to come! hehe.

im 27 weeks on fri, aww we can have a contest to see who gives birth first :rotfl:
I think I'm gonna wait a day and go with you on Friday Louise :lol:
ive already gone over :rotfl: im having baby a week early and wanted my 13 weeks in 3rd tri :cheer:

its lovely over there, dont be scared hehe
good luck to you all going over there im sure ul all be fine :)
manda xx
Im sooo looking forward to it but got over a week yet!! :(
Can we all hold hands and skip over there together? :cheer:

Elaine hun, you're mad!
Enjoy the ride!!

I have eons to go yet, but I do think 2nd tri is going at twice the speed of the first tri! :rotfl:
It really does go quick. I can't believe how fast.
alot of people seem 2 be going over to 3rd tri this week its wierd lol least i am not alone :)

it makes up the numbers 4 all the babys been born recently hehe
LOL, we'll just keep quiet and then all bombard tri 3 in the middle of the night when they're not looking, kind of like an ambush..... god i miss my army days.... :rotfl:

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