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Mar 28, 2005
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Any news? Is she away from the forum giving birth?
I read that she had problems with her computer. Mind you she is due very soon isn't she :D
oooo its like midna all over again :D
Think she is actually overdue so you never know, who's her text buddy? :D
I just texted her, I'll let you all know when I get a reply!
"Yes im fine, i did see the messages on the forum but my computer freezes everytime i try to post sumthing, its so frustratin! had a 2nd sweep yesterday, more successful this time as she managed 2 reach cervix and stimulate it a bit. had unusual contractions for about 1 hour in the evening but nothing else. just at the hospital right now, discussing what to do next!"
awwww if you text her michelle tell I said good luck!!!
I meant if you text her again. Sorry :D
Laetitia, if you read this thread, best of luck, hope you have your little one soon :hug:
leckershell said:
lou said:
I meant if you text her again. Sorry :D

okie :)

i'm sort of waiting to hear from her... i feel rude bugging her for info!!

Yeah no worries hun. she will probs have to switch her phone off at the hospital anyhow :D
Hi Laetitia :wave:

Just thought I'd say hi incase you can read this thread but can't post!!

Hope you are ok and baby is here soon :dance:

Thinking of you Laetitia, can't wait to hear some news :D

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