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Kizzy mum at 13

thanks for letting us know... im watching it :)
Was going to post about this and then i saw your post, Think i might watch. HOW tough it must be, my cousin had her first at 15 and is on her second at 16, she is very young but she is a good mum although there have been issues there...
im watching it now and omg....cut 3 times with over 80 stiches!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:
is that just becuase of how old she is and maybe not developed propely??
cus i am absolubtly bobing my pants now! :|
i know!! 80 stitches!
mightb e cos she's so small... and yeah her body will still be growing..
i hope so anyway.... cos i dont want 80 stitches! :shock:
I am watching it and sat here crying at bits, how soppy am i.
nah u aint soppy im crying too- or maybe were just both soppy!lol
i want my baby now iv seen hers!
but after hearing the 80 stiches bit im suprised i didnt go into labour myself! lol
Well she was sitting fine after her 80 stitches so she was lucky i think, i couldnt sit properly for about a month!

I wouldnt worry though you might not need any at all.
tbh aslong as they get my baby out all healthy and alrite i dont care what they do to me. :)
the dads nana (tit head) ....is she that mawreen (sp) from that driving school programme who took ages to pass her test and was really dopey? or just a very gd lookalike with the same name. :think:
It Was Fab, I Watched It :D But...

Cut Three Times and 80 Stitches :| Slightly Worried!....
I thought it was really good... it showed that having a baby isn't easy but i think she coped really well... and i was impressed with her boyf taking on her lo :)

I think the 3 cuts and 80 stitches were to do with her being soo young
masses of respect to her and her family, she has a beautiful son and good head on her shoulders and I think she should be very proud of herself :clap: :clap: :clap:

the fact that they filmed her labour as a turn off to other young girls is good IMO :think:
She used to be a pupil at the school I taught at in the summer term so when we did the Sex Ed bit in yr 6 we had to watch what we said because they were all a bit "inbred" and knew each other. Was a very rough school & a real eye opener.

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