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    You have no idea how fantastic it is to have you on the forum. We try to help each other out with answers but we're only going by past experiences or by what we read on the internet so thanks very much for your help.
    It's an amazing forum isn't it? The women on it are so supportive and helpful. I've been blown away by how nice everyone is.
    I only started trying to conceive in April. Last month I had numerous symptoms - swollen tender breasts, montgomery's tubercles, discharges,exhaustion, aversion to coffee, back pain - so I was surprised and disappointed when my period came. Okay so I could have imagined the symptoms or linked changes due to hormones to what I wanted to believe but my very pragmatic husband said he could see the physical changes in me and was sure too. My period arrived a iittle early and was very heavy and almost painful for 3 days and then all I had was spotting - very unlikely me as I get heavy periods for a week normally.
    So a) what do you think happened? Might something have started and my body rejected it and b) is it okay that we started again as soon as the spotting finished? That was a week ago and my body seems normal! Although I still have the lumps on my breasts. A friend said that she heard it's good to start immediately again as I'm more likely to conceive.
    Sorry for the long explanation.

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