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Jordan 'pregnant again'


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May 19, 2007
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I just rushed past the magazine section in asda and saw Now magazine and on the front it says Jordan 'pregnant again'

omg! she said she didnt want to get pregnant again for ages!

She must have a hell of a sex life!
I hope she is. I love her and Peter and I've seen them in interviews before saying they want loads of kids. It would be excellent to get her on the forum, I bet she'd be a right laugh! Lets facebook friend request all the katie Prices :cheer:

Lou :)
no she aint i read the mag, now says she is cus she was wearing a baggy dress!!!!! but in new magazine she has done an interview and says she isnt pregnant but they are thinkin about having another soon becus she was told by someone (some kind of psychic i think!) that her next one would be a girl. so she said it wont be long before she is pregnant again.

didnt she say that her last pregnancy was the worst so far lol?if i had ehr money i would be popping them out to tho..
I love her and peter,they crack me up and it would be wicked to go out with them on the town!

I hope they have another baby, I think shes a really great mum and good role model to young mums - shes really family orientated!
kimheath said:
no she aint i read the mag, now says she is cus she was wearing a baggy dress!!!!!

typical, thats what i hate about magazine they make you buy them for the front page stories (well not that i did in this case!) and then its not even true!
or u could go smiths and stand there and read them like many do lol

i posted about this in the posh topic. didnt know till now kate had her topic :p :doh:

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