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Is this normal?


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May 25, 2007
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Two things I was wondering about.

1 - my bump seems smaller, not smaller really to look at but it feels much smaller and much more manageable - I can move about much easier, turning over is no problem - is this because baby is engaged or could I have lost some fluid or something

2 - I am literally sleeping for Ireland - I can sleep 8.,9,10 hours no problem only getting up to the loo once - this is unusual too isnt it :think: :think:
it might have dropped into the pelvis or moved, giving you more room. Thats good you are getting a good sleep though, thats a bit unusual but I dont think its a bad thing. :hug:
I don't know if it's normal or not and I know I must look like like a bus still but I have felt more 'tidy' over the last couple of days and the moving around is easier plus I have no rib pain at all now. I'm assuming that baby is moving downward but have no medical opinion to back that up!

I have been sleeping very well too, full 9 hours plus long afternoon naps- perhaps it's because we are less uncomfortable thus being woken less?

I hope it's normal and glad to see your post, as I'm not complaining about it!
I'm much more mobile since she dropped too

Still peeing lots though but I am really thirsty too
I think your baby has dropped which is a great advancement! Still, I'd mention any physical changes to MW esp since your so close now :D xx

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