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Oct 13, 2006
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my teeth are killing me im feeling very sorry for myself! even tho its my own vanity caused it- my boyf stayed out last nite so i went to bed early (was like 10.30 ir summink, only just gone dark!) and i bleached my teeth as hadnt done them for ages. well i woke up at 5am in a lot of pain, i took the trays out, rinsed my mouth under the tap and took 2 co-codamols and went back to sleep. millie got up at 7 for her bottle, gave her it took more pills and went back to sleep again! got up at about 9ish and took more pills its only just takin the edge off it- its blimmin awful! i coped with labour better than this i had no drugs at all then and wasnt this miserable! think i preferred it actually, yes it hurt more but there were breaks from the pain, this is constant :(

im drinking thru a straw coz hot and cold just feels like im being electrocuted thru my teeth, and i cant bite anything so limited to what i can eat, and i feel slightly queasy from all the codeine.

if u ever get tooth-bleach DONT leave it on for more than 4 hours this SUCKS!
Oh Trixipaws... poor you! Tooth pain is the worst! Hope you start to feel better soon... maybe your BF can give you some respite from Millie when he gets in, so you can rest?

My OH has just had two teeth out under general anaesthetic and he is recovering with a concoction of pain killers but he is still in pain. :think: But I have always been told the mouth is the quickest place to heal (cos of the healing properties in saliva) so I keep reassuring him. Sometimes the body just has to do its work and that means some discomfort.

:hug: :hug:

Take care....

PS - did the bleaching work???
be careful with the co-codamol hun....its 2 every 4 seem to be taking them a little close together! And you need to really eat before taking them too or it will upset yuo tummy :hug:

Hope the pain goes soon...i know how much it hurts toothache :( :hug:
I know not so long ago I had an abscess and then had to have the tooth removed, I was told to take ibuprofen and in between to take paracetamol...this is to keep the painkillers at a constant level... this worked for me... its didn't take long to kick in, the best thing ya can do if ya can is sleep..... get OH to take over and get your head down for abit.
Ibruprofen is better for tooth pain than anything else IIRC.

I'd go get some of them and see if they are better. Dispersible ones might be good.

And ditto what someone else said, don't go taking pain relief so close together. Needs at least 4 hours between them methinks.

Feel better soon :hug:
Oh has been taking co-codamol and ibuprofen for his teething pain and he has just told me the ibuprofen is the one which has helped with the pain the most. (same as what Sherlock said).

Hope it's eased for you Trix.
ok im not really in pain any more, my teeth still feel a bit "zing"y but its very bearable. but since i read sarah&lj's post and my boyf also says i should watch my dosage esp. as im so little, im a bit worried- not about the codeine iv consumed but the paracetamol that goes with it :(

as a reformed drug-user (i once took 9 ecstasy pills at once when i was 18 ) im a bit blahzay with legal drugs i suppose i just assume they are harmless- after all the bad stuff never harmed me so how can a few little painkillers. or so i thought! until i googled paracetamol dose now im scared :shock: (i kno google is bad for feeding anxiety i did it when i had a P.E. scare in pregnancy- thought me and millie were gonna both die!)

well i had 12 pills (each with 8mg codeine and 500mg paracetamol) within 14 hours i think- 2 at 10pm last nite, 2 at 5am this morning, 4 at about 7am, 2 at 9am and 2 at about 11am. and i weigh 40kg so thats 150mg per kilo but they werent all at once...

PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS SAFE!! i feel absolutely fine but the internet said thats normal for paracetamol poisoning. im sure iv had large amounts like this before and been fine??? maybe not quite 12 in one day but 8 or 10 maybe. im a bit worried!

i definately wont take any more for at least a week! it does say in the packs dont exceed more than 8 in 24 hours but surely they wouldnt put the absolute limit on the leaflet would they? they would put a number thats way way under the danger limit wouldnt they to account for bell-ends like me today wont they? eek.
tbh hun it is dangerous...the paracetamol can be very very damaging (can damage your liver). I mean this in the nicest possible way ok but them dosages are based on average weight not underweight. I would ring NHS direct and see what they say. In the mean time like you say take nothing more with paracetamol or codeine in them and eat and drink lots too to try absorb some of it ok.
It can be so so dangerous taking too many of them!

Keep us informed if you do call them ok
I agree call NHS direct 0845 4647

Tell them your weight and they can calculate it.
i agree you should call NHS to be on the safe side hun hope your okay :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
i dont wanna call them, my boyf just pointed out given what i revealed to my HV on friday they might think its a suicide attempt or something, which (as if u need me to tell u) it ISNT!!! not at all, but i can see how it might be interpreted given the circumstances! and im so so not like that im NOT! i kno how they can react i remember when my sister was 13 and drunk a bottle of whiskey and nearly killed herself accidentally, they wouldnt believe she was just young and stoopid they got a psychiatrist they were adamant she was suicidal when she wasnt! i dont want them thinking im suicidal so dont wanna fone them! does anyone kno anything about pharmaceuticals?? sorry to be a nuisance but i dont wanna call nhs direct! as i said, im sure in the past iv taken 8 or 10 in one day, this time iv only taken 12, so not much more than that. i shall drink lotsa water and try to eat as much as i can to help, and definately wont touch any more pills!

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