If you won the lottery...


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Mar 22, 2007
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what would you spend it on....me and nat had this idea this morning!

I would spend mine on:

Health care for stephen, and any therpy he needs to help him speak and sort out his hearing.
Private healthcare so no more nhs.

Plastic surgery for me, shrink my boobs down to a d cup, a eyelift and serious lypoto blast the excess baby fat away!

A big house for me and the kids with a indoor pool, and i would hire my sister as mothers help.

And also thinking about it a donation for this forum for keeping me sane sometimes!!! :rotfl:
i wouldn't play in the first place :oops: - apparantly it's a curse
I'd buy a big house in the countryside, have lots of dogs & get a horse.

Have a nice holiday somewhere & then another for all the family.

And buy a bright pink range rover sport!!!!

Thats all I can think of at the mo

Oh & have a boob job :rotfl:

oops- I sound like Jordan -lol
First I'd take Mason and all his mates to florida :D
Apart from the usual, nice big house and car and stuff I'd give my friends money for IVF cos they can't afford another run. Also my other friends who lost their 6 month old baby...they really want to move house but all their memories of him are in their current house...I'd buy them a new place so they wouldn't have to sell the place they are in now.

Also I'd love to be able to help all the kids who can't afford operations etc.
I'd pay off all my debts, find a way to get rid of the neighbours with their evil kids (and I don't mean kill them), and put the rest away to live off the interest.
Also i would try and expand the school and pre school in my area.They are absolutlely brilliant but just dint have enough money, but still aintain high standereds and would love to help them.
I dont play the lottery so I haven't got much hope of winning. However I do have bonds so if they came up -

I would get my husband to leave the army so we can be together, not split on othersides of the world. I would buy a house in the country with lots of room and foster kids!

Kylie1007 said:
You can have a go here - it doesn't go very far though!!!

i did this i actually couldnt spend it all just started wasting it
manda xx
I'd sort out my family, make sure they're all comfortable. Pay my bro's mortgage because he's struggling.

I'd get a good investment advisor to invest a bunch in order to secure my childrens futures.

Then I'd probably have a fantastic, luxury holiday.

Finally I'd look at ways of putting something back, but I'd need a good advisor as to which charity to get involved with. Most likey Save the Children, WWF and Terrence Higgens.
If it was stuff for me I'd:
:) Pay off everything we need to pay off
:) Move house & PAY someone to decorate it for us!
:eek: Go on a lovely holiday (although it would have to after baby arrives)
:eek: Buy a new car

Of course my family would also need sorting out (a difficult thing I think!) and I'd prob invest some.
a house miles away from my oh parents :lol:
enn said:
a house miles away from my oh parents :lol:
:rotfl: You don't want to move MILES away - they just have longer visits when they come and see you! My OHs parents live 200 miles away but it means that they don't just pop in for a cup of tea now, they stay for a whole weekend! AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
I'd pay off all the things we needed to pay off.
Pay off my mum and dad's mortgage for them.
Take a holiday in Australia.
Get new cars for me and OH.

I could go on and on. Its got me thinking maybe I should actually start playing the lottery.
I would just quit my job and go abroad, would treat the members of my family I like and make sure my ole man was looked after
Depends on how much I won... but if I won a lot.. like 5 million ... I would immediately put a million towards a charity (or maybe a couple)

Then I would pay off all my debts and mortgage... re do the kitchen, bathroom and utility room... then put the rest in a savings account and live off the intrest if it is enough. :D
depends on the amount lol if it was £10 id spend it on pepsi and magazines hehe
if it was millions id buy a nice big house with a pool and one for my parents too and one each for my sisters and girl friends (but not as nice as mine lol!) also a big shiney hummer and a jeep and a sports car for my dad. all the toys millie could possibly want. lotsa nice clothes for us all. put lots in millies trust fund and travel to tokyo, hongkong, reykjavik, LA, NY, san fran, vegas and mexico then party party party in ibiza
i dont kno if id hav any left its easy 2 spend money id probably go overdrawn lol
haha can u tell im northern lol

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