I need answers,can use take time to read and answer this :)


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Jul 24, 2005
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You no implantation bleeding, when during your cycle could it come or should it come?

i was on this website and it said,:
"the implantation will ocur on wed03/aug/05"
does that mean if i am pregnant i should bleed from that date forward or should the implantation bleeding come before or after the implantation of the egg to the side of my uterus?

I pray to everyone of use who have been unlucky or are trying for a child just now or in the past, i also blow a prayer to all the familys and new born baby;s that have entered the world! Congrats to all!!

Ps: I pray, that this month i conceive
I pray that i read a positive test on wed the 10th of august 2005!
wish me luck.....

And to all who have answerd me, may your prayers all be answered!!!

:) :) :) :wink: :wink: :) :) :)
I experienced implantation bleeding about 6 days after I conceived which was....... (just doing a quick calculation) roughly 25 days after my last period.

I checked in my fertility book and this was roughly right. I think it is supposed to happen between 6 and 10 days after ovulation.

hope this helps
I didn't get any - just bled from 6 weeks till 12 weeks (not implantation though Chuck). Some people do get it, some don't. It's not reliable to wait for it hun. just see what happens.
I had a very small amount - it was exactly like the beginning of my period, at 10 days after ovulation- day 24 of my cycle. I just thought it was my period starting until nothing else then happened. I even had cramps but they lasted weeks into my pregnancy as things started to stretch. Not everyone gets it though.

Sorry i dont have a clue as i didnt get anything either.

I have had killer period type pains for the past two weeks though, i have spoke to the doctor and she assures me that this is normal.

Good luck to all TTC, you'll get there, it took me a long long time but i got there. Remember that and keep trying!
Thanx guys i will keep my fingers crossed that i am pregnant this month! i can only hope!
Unfortunatly I can not help u regarding your question for Implantation bleeding.. As I did not get this..I suppose every women is different!

Hope you r pregnant tho!
Love Danielle and Bubble xx

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