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Jun 14, 2005
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Has any one been watching the hurricane Katrina coverage... i am from the usa and it hits real close to home. we got some serious rain from it but other wise no substaintial misfortune. people are getting scared about gas though,,, prices went up over night to over 3.00 per gallon

I've been watching the news on hurricane Katrina, she was one hell of a bitch! I can't imagine what those poor people are going through, lets just hope that no one else dies and they can get back to relative normality as soon as.
I shouldn't laugh obviously, but you say you're all worried about the cost of fuel going up, well the price it has just gone up to is still alot cheaper than the standard cost in England, we pay double what you guys are now paying!! Mind you everything in England (especially the south) is expensive, that's why us Brits like coming to the states to go shopping! :)

It's so heartbreaking. Those people have absolutely nothing now. :cry:
I spoke with my mom and she wants people to pass on the word to anyone who knows anyone that was affected by this hurricane. State farm offices have been authorized to write out a check for 2500 pe rperson who had their insurance with state farm (home owners or flood) and live in one of the affected ares. Kind of a start up fund. not much but when you have nothing anything helps.

Ive been watching Sky News on and off all day and cant believe what those poor people are having to go through.

Just hope that more aid has now got through to New Orleans and stop the terrible suffering.

Ragna xx
Mother nature is such a scary woman!!!

Every time we get one of these 'natural' disasters I do wonder if global warming and all that stuff really does play a part in the increase of such freak storms / waves etc.

All my thoughts go to the people of New Orleans and their friends and family who must be having such a hard time worrying about them.

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