How often to formula feed?

Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by firstfreakout, Oct 17, 2017.

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    I'm only formula feeding my kiddo who's now almost 6 weeks old. I was told by midwives that he needs to be fed every 3 hours, even if he's asleep, but can now push it to 4 hours at night (which we do sometimes if he doesn't wake up beforehand). He takes roughly 100-150ml each feed, sometimes less at 70-90ml during dream feeding at night.

    I was wondering if anyone else has been told this, and how long to continue waking him every 3 hours for a bottle, as opposed to him letting us know when he's hungry? I'm super confused over how long to do this for as he gets older.

    What advice have others had, as some other mum's I've spoken to have never heard this before, and what do you do with your LO's?
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    I think maybe the waking him to feed relates more to during the day, I always wake my LO if his asleep during the day at feed time so his getting his 5 feeds a day. My LO did fall into a 3 hour schedule and just naturally woke approx every 3 hours at about 11pm (I never dreamfed) and then again at about 2ish.. I was extremely lucky as my little boy started to sleep through from about 7 weeks, during the night he used to stir at feed times and then fall back to sleep so I never purposely woke him to feed him unless he made a fuss, I just went with the idea that if he was hungry he'd cry which he never did. Do what you feel is best, if his not waking up crying try and settle him back down again, most of the time it's out of habit they are waking.. obviously your bubba is still very young so if his not ready to drop any night feeds then of course continue to do so, if his gaining weight then his fine :)

    Like you've said my LO barely drunk anything when I tried to dream feed so in the end I didn't bother and found that he slept for the same amount of time without it!


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