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Jul 10, 2005
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I just thought i would say hi to everyone.
It doesn't seem like anyone really posts on the teenage page anymore.
Where did we all go lol. i think its important we keep this post going strong or no one will come here anymore :( I know i'll miss it.
For the majority most of us go to other topics which i also do but if anyone feels the same way please respond then at least we can chat to our selves lol. Well take care everyone and congradulations on your lttle ones. Bye :) :D :p
iv noticed everyone has stopped posting on here too, so i diapeared to the third trimester forum instead. there is nothing to reply to if no one is posting lol. i agree i think we should start a poll or something get thigs moving again? :p xxx
i agree too
i have been posting in the 1st yr with new baby but i am 15 so i could do with some other people to chat to
nicole is my little diamond and i wouldnt change her for the world but it does do my head in with all the baby talk and crying and no sleep i have no idea how i have managed

if someone posts something i will reply asap and if ne1 wants 2 chat im alwayz here lol
luv mummy and nicole keila

I'm so happy someone replied, i was hopeing someone would look in the site today lol. well even if its just us three we should do it. :D
So if anyone has a topic of interest they would like to start off with feel free, i just woke up so i'm gonna need a bit lol.
Well talk to you soon
hi ya everyone i am 18 and due tomoz even though i dont think bubba will be here tomoz, i am so excited about having my baby im not even worried about the labour i just want my baby lol, i dont know what sex baby is and have names for both breigh-anna for a girl and braydon or cameron for a boy not really sure which ill choose yet, i got doctors today so am hoping they will say 'sarah u r in the early stages of labour' even though i really cant see that happening lol
mummy2be_15 said:
with all the baby talk and crying and no sleep i have no idea how i have managed.

I think you are doing brilliantly! You are doing really well with a newborn. If I get through it like you have with all the feeding problems etc then I will be pleased.

You are coping really well. All credit to you. :D
Hello everyone

Sarah_17 i hope your baby comes very soon for you it would suck having to wait any longer wouldnt it???
When you have your little one please tell us and let us know what your having. Wish you all the luck!!!!

Everyone else how are you feeling im soo sick today tell you about it later !!!
Well gotta go cook supper bye
thank you sarah w baby belly
her feeding is getting better but she is still not having enough
1/2 an oz lol practicly nothing!
were doing ok though

luv mummy and nicole
i shall let you know - went to docs yest and i am fully engaged so any day now i am so excited lol. cant wait to be able to cuddle my baby, as my doc is a family friend he told us wot he thinks the baby is and he has only ever been wrong once he sed i was having a boy , the whole family are so excited as the last two generations have been all girls frm my mums family and my dad is an only child so this baby will be spoilt rotten, even though somehow i think i have managed to give the poor lil mite the worst father or fathers family on the planet, but i intend to make up for that.
anyway gotta go
love sarah and ????? baby boy ??????
PS did i mention i am so excited
congratulations hun hope he comes soon
youll be a great mum
luv mummy
Hi everyone, havent heard from sarah...hope everythings okay???
Maybe youve had your little one

Ive been so busy just finally switched doctors to the one thats gonna deliver our baby and its a lady Doc which im happy about.
How is evryone ?????? Anything new????

My dad came and painted the babys room today we did 2 shades of light purple and dark on bottom a lighter one on top....it looks soooo good, im so happy with it, but still have lots to set up and still have to find a border to go with it.

Well hope to hear from you all soon
Luv Katrina
nope i am still here and with no baby starting to get frustrated, every little twinge and i think its the baby coming lol i am going crazy lol, at least i know i must be very comfy inside lol
hello Sarah

Im glad your okay, i kept looking on anouncing your new arrivals to see if you wrote on there lol. Well i hope the baby comes out soon, are you stubborn cuz maybe the baby takes after you then????
Well hope to hear some good news soon!!!!!!
yeah i am uite stubborn lol, but i have been having contractions since 6 this morning they are now roughly 8 mins apart and 45 sec long so i am hoping that this is it and soon ill have my baby
hi sarah

I'm glad to hear there getting stronger, i"m guessing the baby arrived??? it's been a few days i hope so!!! Can't wait to hear from you and know the wonderful details on how it went for you .
Well take care Talk to you soon
Katrina :)
yeah he did arrive on wed 28th i have called him braydon with the middle name andrew he weighed 7lbs 14 1/2 oz! i went into hospital at 1.30 at 2 i was 3 cm dilated and ant 3.27 i had him so a quick labour thank god lol
congratulations sarah_17
you must be well chuffed
big hugs to you both xox

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