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Help with Middle name please

First Baby White

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Nov 11, 2007
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We think we have picked a name we agree on for a boy which is Harry but have got no ideas for a middle name. Any ideas?
i like names that have a meaning to the family, is there a relative or someone close you might like to name him after??

My OH's Grandad was called Alfred and My grandad is called John

so we have come up with Alfie john
What sort of names do you like?
What does your surname begin with and how long is it?

Harry is lovely by the way :D
Sorry should have given more detail,
the surname will be White and we like most types of names apart from really modern ones like apple etc!!
we dont have any relatives or close pals that have names that we like so we cant use them although that would be nice as I would like a name with real meaning!!!
I agree on the middle name having a meaning i had my middle names picked as soon as i knew i was pregnant.

If your not so keen on a family members name but you would like to name baby after them you could adapt the name a bit to suit.

I think most names will go with Harry White.

I have a name book (i brought it for my oh as he was struggling to pick anything) and i found it really useful.
I was gonna have Harry if both of mine had been a boy

would of been Harry Robert after his 2 grandads have the name Robert
My sister's little boy is called Michael John

Michael after her OH's dad and John after our grandad :D

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