Had my baby girl at 27 weeks and 4 days


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Nov 30, 2013
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Hello everyone I had my beautiful baby girl on 3/4/14 she weighs 2lb10 and I had her the 3/4/14 she is absolutely beautiful! She Is only 3 days old and breathing on her own already, I am abit of an emotional wreck if am honest I cry every time I see her I love her so much and I can't help feeling guilty, how has everyone else coped with having a prem, all the emotions and the long road ahead? X
No experience but congrats and so pleased your baby is healthy, don't feel guilty at all its not your fault.

Take as much support as you can from those around you, make sure you get plenty of rest after all you need to recover from the birth.

I'm sure you will be fine emotions will be high but you have yourself a healthy but small baby just make sure you give yourself time to heal, you can't look after a baby if your stressed and over tired.

Congrats, good luck and wishing your baby girl lots of good health and growth xx
You must try not to feel guilty - you didn't choose to have your baby early, it's not your fault x

I had a prem baby, nowhere near as premature as yours (36 weeks) but she was tiny (3lb 11oz). It can be very emotional and quite odd if they have to spend a lot of time in special care. Ella was in for 3 weeks. I remember feeling a bit uncomfortable changing and bathing her in front of the nurses - almost like they were judging, even though they weren't.

You kind of cope from day to day and watch out for the things like them stopping tube feeding and moving on to breast/bottle. I also found moving rooms exciting - out of intensive care, into the nursery etc.

I now have a healthy, happy 2 year old. She's still very slim and judging from when we used to go to clinic for check-ups, a lot of premature babies remain small, slim children. Her brother's almost her weight now and he's not even 5 months old yet!!!

Make sure you take time to care for yourself as well as your LO. That's really important. xx
Hi hun it's completely normal what you are going through. I had my daughter on 7/2/14 @ 29w+5 all my others have been prem but at 35w. I was hysterical for the first 4 days the slightest noise she made had me in tears I had convinced myself it was all my fault and my stupid bodies for not keeping her in longer. She is in the safest place our lo al hospital SCBU were amazing and helped with everything, we had a few other mums who's babies had cone at 30w so it was nice to talk to them as they knew what I was going through. The next few weeks will be tough and you need to make sure your getting rest and eating well for your babies sake before you know it she will be home.
Freya spent 7w in SCBU and is now home doing really well and putting on weight

Good luck hun xx
I had my son at 27+3 and he also weighed 2lb 10!! He was the same breathing on his own pretty soon. The only problem he had was taking milk from the bottle. He was tube fed for a while. He was in scbu for about 6-8 weeks before he came home and weighed about 5 1/2 lb. I was pretty lucky as he was a well baby. He's fit fine and healthy and turns 8 this year :) don't let things get to you she is in the right place and the scbu team that dealt with my son were amazing. Loads of cuddles when you can. I couldn't hold him for a week or two but it's worth it x
Hey Rhea, I'm so glad you and your princess are both safe and well.
I was 12 weeks prem and I'm ok, no ongoing health issues and all though when I was born drs weren't hopeful I just got stronger each day!
Good luck and when you have time private message me and we can catch up.
Take care and be kind to yourself. Xxxxx
Congratulations for your baby girl. I know how you are feeling, I had my baby girl premature at 26 weeks and now she is 43 weeks now and been home since she was 35 weeks. Be positive and spend as much time as you can with her and have lots of skin to skin it really helps for the baby and for you( I was cuddling her for hours)

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