For those who have had 28wk ++ scans...


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Sep 3, 2006
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We've got a 28 week scan due to high AFP levels in my blood at the tripple test. I'm just wondering how clear the scan will be, my friend recently had a 33 week scan and said the bits were very clear and confirmed she was having a boy, now my OH friend had to have a 36 week scan yesterday and after not finding out the sex, they seen the bits and was very clear they were having a boy!!! We haven't founf out the sex and have still said no we don't want to know but its made us wonder now if we will have a choice!!

I've had 3 scans in recent weeks and am due another on Tuesday and none of the scans have been clear enough to tell the sex. My partner had a better view than me and I asked him if he could see anything and he said nothing was obvious.

My partner always makes a point of telling the sonographer that we don't want to know the sex, so I think they skim over that area quickly. I wouldn't mind having a look to see if I can guess!!
I had a 34 weeks scan last week and we told the lady doing it that we didn't know the sex of the baby and didn't want to find out ...... unless of course she couldn't do her job properly without it being obvious...

she said that it was no problem and that she could measure etc without giving the game away...

my DH and I both looked at the screen the whole time - and saw nothing that might have been there or not - as the case might be
Ah thanks ladies, i will tell them before they start them. Thank you x
I had a scan yesterday and couldn't see anything till she had a look when we asked. Don't know what your hospital is like, but at mine they have the screen away from you while they do their job, then show you certain bits of the baby, but then I am having a girl. Don't know if it would have been more obvious on a boy or not but I think they are careful about what you see just in case you see something you don't want to.
i had weekly scans from 29weeks. i didn't ask for pics every week, but here are the ones closest to your dates:

29 weeks


i was asked if i new the sex of my baby, which i did. Im sure if you say you don't want to know, they will avoid showing you.

Enjoy eeing your LO again!
Wow thanks for that Sam, you can see her face!! Thats amazing!!
I had a scan at 26 +6 and it was a lots fuzzier than the 20 week scan...We already knew the sex but the way he was lying you wouldn't of seeen anything anyway.

We could see and count all his fingers and toes so i guess if your baby is doing an exposing pose you would be able to see
claire81 said:
Wow thanks for that Sam, you can see her face!! Thats amazing!!

we could see the face in quite a lot of detail yesterday.It was wonderful. She looked very cute.
Back in yonder years when I had DD you got scans at 20 weeks and 32 weeks, the latter being a growth scan and they told you the sex then never at 20 weeks. (Only if you want to know though) :lol:
I had a scan on wednesday and she asked us before she started if we knew the sex or not! We know but she measured everything without anything being obvious anyway! If you let them know you don't want to know they can check everything without seeing the bits you dont wanna see! It was a lot clearer though and she showed us a close up of his mouth and nose and he kept licking his lips!! it was even clearer than our 4d scan!!!

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