fianally here

congratulations on making it this far..... just a bit of bad news :wink:

time slows down now, so u got ages left hehehehehehe

thats what it feels like for me carrying this big elepant around lmao

hope ur ok hun
lol. time is flying by for me i thought i was only 32 weeks and i checked this mornin and im 34 on monday ! lol there flyin by really fast probably cos im so nervous lol
god wish i wud look at the calender and realise i was in fact 39 weeks hehehehe

oh well 7 more painful weeks
Times definately does slow down towards the end...I feel like its never going to happen. Ughhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
it really has slowed down but its ok i finish work a week 2moro yippee :D :D
It is dragging a bit now when i think back to how fast the first few months seemed to go.
Everytime my braxton hicks start up i'm almost hoping its time, but in the same way wanna wait it out.
Congrats on finishing work Zor-el that must a milestone in itself :)

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