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Apr 24, 2005
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Just want some sympathy ;)

Finally plucked up the courage to go to the docs about my bits being sore and gross (soryy if tmi). She took a swab and said if I have an infection that will explain why DTD was painful, but I wont find out if I do have one til next Tuesday.

Also got a sore boobie, keep getting stabbing pains from my nipple running down the left side of my left breast (it happens after feeding). And the nipple has been burning too sometimes. She offered no explanation other than that it could be to do with the infection if I have one :roll: (Its not mastitis/blocked ducts)

And I've got a banging headache and keep getting dizzy. Had to put Ella down in her basket as I just couldn't hold her/feed her anymore. She's alseep thank goodness.

Feel like I'm falling apart! I can't be poorly when I'm a mummy, too much to do! Can't lay in bed all day feeling sorry for myself anymore!!
aww hun,

sending lots of hugs and sympathy your way
(((Kina))), you poor thing. Being ill sucks anyway without a little one to look after too. Your booby pain sounds like what i get, I think it is thrush but my Dr says they can't find any. Has Ella got any white patches in her mouth?

Hope you get better soon. You should stay in bed and rest, everything can wait. Put Ella next to you and relax...that's Dr Beanies orders :wink:
No thrush in her mouth, my nipple does go white after she's fed but then goes back to normal after a bit. Probably poor latching but I don't feel that there is anything else I can do to try and make the latch better iykwim. It kept me awake the other night, it does really hurt. Makes you want to grab your boobie and squeeze it!

Feel really bad for not being all happy/stimulating with her today, but I just feel too drained :(
"HUG"... :D
Sorry to hear that you're feeling poorly. I get those stabbing pains in my boobies too. Very sore and sometimes seem to go right through to my shoulderblade!! Weird :?
Well, I hope that you're feeling better soon. It's awful to feel poo when baby needs looking after and all we want to do is crawl into bed for a day or two..... :(

I've had an emotional day.... could help but cry my eyes out. Oscar must have known what's best and decided to sleep all day.
Big hug for both of us!!!! :wink:
Emilia xx

Sorry you feel like this hopefully you feel batter in the morning.
I think its thrush cuz thats how mine feel we both have it but apperently you can have it without your baby having it too.
Went docs today and the swab came back clear :roll: So I'm obviously just manky :(

Breast has been as painful, nipples are worse at the mo. They've been quite blanched after she's finished feeding :?
Hey Kina :)

Are you sure you don't have thrush? What you describe is very similar to my pain and discomfort and the only sympton Olivia had was a tiny bit of nappy rash.

You made me giggle when I read:
So I'm obviously just manky

Perhaps they're still healing after the birth? With the cuddles perhaps it's just irritated the area that's healing?
Hope it gets better - I haven't braved cuddles yet! Too scared!

Lucy x
Perhaps they're still healing after the birth? With the cuddles perhaps it's just irritated the area that's healing?
Hope it gets better - I haven't braved cuddles yet! Too scared!

The nurse did say that the scars will take months to heal properly :roll: I feel bad for neglecting DH, but it is really sore :( I was expecting to have no feeling down there at all afterwards :lol:
if the nipple is blanching after feeding -it sounds like she may not be latching properly - is there a breats feeding suport group in your area - i think they are brilliant - lot of mums with all the same problems.
Also sounds a bit like thrush - doc gave me a tablet which was a one off -and i didn't seemt o ger the pain so bad.

hope you feel better soon - try taking a bath with afew drops of tea tree oil. i also used arnica after the birth and that seemed to help with the bruising

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