Feeding at one year?

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    My son will be one a week tomorrow and he is currently still having a feed in the early hours of the morning (somewhere between 5 - 7 am), one mid-afternoon (somewhere between 2:30 - 3:30 pm), and one at bedtime (somewhere between 7 - 8 pm). He also occasionally still has one in the early hours of the morning when I'd much rather be :nap: but that's not every night thankfully.

    So I was just wondering what feeds other LOs were having at a year old? Does the above sound normal?

    We really need to drop the afternoon feed before the end of August because I'm back at work then 2/3 days a week, but that would mean only two feeds a day (occasionally three if he does the middle of the night), is that alright? Will he need extra cows milk drinks, or is he okay having water as long as he has plenty of other dairy products?

    Sorry for all the questions!
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    I think it sounds normal. They can have cows milk from 1 so you can try and see if he likes it?

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