FAQ's about TTC and BBT and CM charting

I've just read through and found all this information amazing. I now understand so much more with my temping. Thanks :hug:
thanks for sharing that, its was a very good read x
Just read this for no paricular reason, other than im up at stupid oclock and had no idea about the boy girl thing, sooo interesting !
thanks for posting, some really helpful info there! :)
Hi all, im new to this forum, it helped my sister through ttc and her pregnancy so thought id give it a try!
I have been ttc for just over a year now and had a doc's appt this evening was totally ignorant and didnt seem to care less, i have to go for blood tests tomorrow! I told him its startin to get to me and he totally ignored me!
Anyway...I have given up smoking, drinking alc, cut down to 2-3 cups of tea per day, also drinking a green tea in the morning (but only just realised it helps with ttc) and was taking folic acid but ran out (need to buy more!) and still nothing!
I have just ovulated and hoping to NOT come on in 2 weeks!

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