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Apr 23, 2005
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Hi All!

Eventually im here, legal enought o join the 3rd Trimester ha ha.. Hope ya all feeling well...

Love Dani and Bubble xx
Welcome Dani

I didnt even realise i was due in this section!!! but looking at everyone else dates i realised i was :roll:

good luck for the rest of your pregnancy, im hoping its gonna go quickly now :D cant wait to hold my little bundle and am so curious now as to what the sex is, its driving me mad :lol:

Also have to admit im looking forward to not being pregnant again, ie being able to wear all my clothes and being able to get comfy in bed :lol:

Natalie x
Hi Dani,

wow, there's quite a little group of us "come up" this week isn't there?! Cool!

Hope everything's good with you!

Wohooooooooooooo Dani

Welcome !!!! I only just got here too !!!

How you keeping hun ????

Ragna and the ever increasing bump xxxxx
Congrats Dani. Am getting impatient now, just 2 weeks and I can join you guys in the third tri so save a space for me and I'll hopefully be there soon. Hope you are all feeling well (I have a yucky cold so not best pleased :( )
Hey, congrats as well Dani, we have made it! Can't believe I am here too. Hope all is well with you and little un. Is littleun jumping about lots now, mine is! Text me soon chick and well done again.

Em xxxxxxx

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