Electro-acupuncture for inducing


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May 16, 2005
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Just thought I would let you know, When I had my anti-natal class the other night we were given a talk from a local acupuncturist. who was telling us how it could be used to induce labour, they stick sime diddy pins in you leg and run a small electric current through it.
Anyway he said that after one treatment 70% of women go into labour with 2 days! So I know where Im going when I get to 40 weeks!
The midwives running the class were very supportive of this method, as its less invasive than being unduced at the hospital and they have found that even the 30% of people it didnt bring on, when they were induced it was a lot easier and quicker as the cervix was a lot softer than it would have been normally.
Mmmm very interesting, thanks for sharing that info will definitely keep it in mind if this baby doesn't show on its due date! :D
Does sound very interesting cat, wonder how expensive it is???
Suppose its worth considering as a treat?!?! after 40 wks of pregnancy lol
If i don't give birth by tues i have book ed with my acupunture peson chris, who said he will wire me up and try and get me going!
Been having acu' all way through pregnancy and it has helped woth my engery levels and headaches.
Will let you know if any thing happedn!
had electro acupuntcure tues - still no baby yet - though i did have stomach ache during the night, will have another session next week if nothing happens. It wasn't painful just a small tingling feeling.. unless he turned the current up and it makes your fingers twitch!
One needle in each shin and on by your thuimb in each hand - and he put the tens unit on one side then swapped it over after 20 mins.

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