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Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by -Cat-, Jun 20, 2005.

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    May 16, 2005
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    Okay so I know Im a long way off still, but I just want to prepare myself so I dont agree to anything I might regret.
    So my question is to those peole who have been induced in the past. If I have to be I want to know the best way to go. I understand the drip method is really bad and makes the contractions worse? the breaking of the waters can put the baby at risk of infection and can distress it more if the labour then takes ages plus it can get caught in the cord. So themthere is the gel still that helps the cervix to dilate or something, has anyone had this and was it awful?
    Im intending once I get to 38 weeks, to start doing all the pregnancy inducing things like eating pinnaples, having sex, eating curries etc to try to kick start things, as I understand its common to be late with your first.
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    Apr 23, 2005
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    Hi... My aunt had the Gel.. you get a choice of two,, one that they can enter up your u know what or one that u can swallow and my aunt opted for the one u can swallow, she found it great labour started 5 hours later just like a normal labour would...

    have u ever been on the instant messenger chat roon on here its great u should give it ago...
    Love Danielle and Bubble xx
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    Mar 14, 2005
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    Hi...I was induced with my son...I was on a Pitocin drip and had my waters broken...I was induced at noon and he was here at 3:59 PM!!!
    Only 4 hours of active labor and he was my 1st child!
    If I get to choose this time I am going to do the same exact thing...My labor was a breeze...Well as breezy as labor gets haha...So don't believe all the horror stories...Everyone is different...
    Being induced helps most people alot more than it harms...Especially if you are dialating slowly...Pitocin speeds the contractions up which may seem more painful but I would rather be in more pain for a shorter amount of time than to be in pain for many hours!
    Whichever you choose I hope you have a trouble free labor...And remember,in the end when you have the little one in your arms you forget all about that pain!!
    I may sound crazy but I cannot wait for labor!...Maybe because my 1st one was so easy...But if you try to relax and think about what you are getting out of all of it I think it eases the pain a lot...If you are nervous and work yourself into a frenzy it will only be worse on you...A few things that helped me stay calm and relaxed...
    Puzzle books...I love doing puzzles so why not do something you really enjoy doing while in labor
    Limited guests...I found that having only DH and my Mom in the room with me really helped...I invited everyone else after the baby was here...
    Staying calm and relaxed...I know you are thinking "calm and relaxed when I am in labor!?!?!" but really the more tense you are the worse the pain is going to be
    Well enough of me rambling on and on...
    I wish you luck and I hope whatever you choose works out well for you...

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