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Due end of July/August, anyone other earlies?!


Dec 1, 2007
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Hi, first time on. :wave:
I'm 5/6 weeks gone now, very confused on all this due dates, when to calculate from, cycle lengths etc but its roughly that anyway.
This last week has been hard. Came off anti-depressants as soon as we knew we were trying, 1st attempt worked! I'd been on them pretty much solid since I was 17 so I'm feeling the depression :cry: now after the initial high of discovering I was pregnant.
Hope my mood will lift as my hormones change but fell guilty for being such a :evil: to my husband.
Boobs swollen, constipated, pelvic pain and mood swings but ofcourse we're absolutely thrilled to be here!! :cheer:
Just want to hear from other mummies who can sympathise or help me feel less guilty. :pray:
EJ x
Hello there :wave: Im also 5/6 weeks pregnant. Think im due about 6th august. It must be hard for you at the moment but try to think of all the lovely times ahead you will have. :hug:
I too, have ratty outbursts though so perhaps its not all to do with coming off the depressants.
Im also, having dizzyspell and my boobs are sore but not as bad as they were the 1st few weeks with my 1st.

Have you got an appointment with the midwife yet? Im seeing mine in a couple of weeks.

Take care

Love katie.x
:wave: Hi, I'm due around 25th july after almost a year of trying. I think alot of women are very emotional during pregnancy because of the hormones, I have been bursting into tears for no apparent reason. Don't be too hard yourself, maybe it's your hormones, I'm sure your husband understands, it's one of those things that is expected in pregnancy. So if youve ever got an excuse to be ratty then this is it :twisted:

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

A close family member has suffered with depression since 17 too and she was fine during her pregnancy.

Just make sure that you get a lot of support from your partner and family once baby arrives, I think that will make a huge difference to how you feel afterwards. If you're left to do everything alone I think it may make your depression worse as it did for my family member.

I have huge sympathy for what you are going through, depression is an awful illness. I hope the pregnancy and baby will bring you a lot of happiness.

Good luck x
Hiya EJ,

Nice to meet you and I hope you're gonna have a lovely 9 months (well, 8 months now!)....Hopefully baby joy will help ease your depression, and this site is great to discuss any worries.

I'm due around 5th August xxx

I also suffer from depression and have done since I was about 16 or 17 years old and am now 26 years old. What anti depressents were you using and who did you discuss with about coming off them?? I'm asking this as i'm on 20mg of cipromil aka cipalopram a day and I'm still on them as it's more of a risk to me coming off them then staying on them and my doctor has reasurred me that it will cause no harm to the baby. Perhaps it's worth asking your doctor if there's a safe antidepressent that you can take as I know there are many out there.

congratulations on the pregnancy and make sure you get loads of support after birth.
Heya congrats on your bfp! I came off 20mg citalopram when I wanted to have my 1st baby and I went cold turkey which did cause dizzy spells and made me feel generally awful! You're not meant to go cold turkey but me being me couldn't wait to start trying and I didn't want to be on the AD's when pregnant as there isn't much research into the effects on a baby. It does subside. I suffered with depression and a social anxiety disorder for years and when I had my son it just went! I felt like it all meant nothing because I had to do things I was terrified of because it was for my baby and I've never looked back since. It's been 3 years since I've been on AD's and it's been 2 since I've seen a support worker and I feel fantastic! I used to be scared of everything, I'd have panic attacks just walking to the shop and it left me unable to do anything and it left me unable to work which is what I wanted most! I'm now working part time and it's in a supermarket which used to petrify me cos there were so many people and now I work with people all the time! I even do tannoys at work :lol:

So yeah even after years of depression you can come out of it and usually will when you see your beautiful baby and your problems don't seem to matter anymore when they smile at you. It's an amazing feeling :D Good luck hun, I wish you a happy and healthy 9 months :hug:
if i ever pluck up the coutrage to test i will be in here or not depending on the result EDD is 5th August if i am PG but for now its a waiting game
Thankyou everyone :hug: , I'm sitting crying just reading everyones responses!
My husband is absolutely lovely and trying so hard. Yes depression is awful, it began along with anorexia - chicken and the egg scenario. I was on Venlafaxine Effexor but changed to Citalopram at the beginning of this year. I wanted to come off it and stay off it for the babys' sake. I believe there is safe ones to take but I think they can have nasty side affects so hope that the happy hormone will kick in soon! :pray:
I just hope that gaining weight through the pregnancy won't aid the anorexia and bulimia to rear its ugly head again - :roll: I just need to stay strong. :shakehead:
Excited to hear from other mummys so early in their pregnancy, I felt silly posting so early on but thankyou.XX
Hi EJ,

I'm also new to the boards and very early on. I'm due around Aug 9. I took antidepressants a long time ago (in my mid teens) for a short period but haven't been on anything since. I keep depression at bay by exercising and writing... at least one walk per day and a page per day.

From what I've heard, mood swings can be par for the course on pregnancy, although I'm not looking forward to them. I might try meditation personally.

Well, keep us updated on you and congrats! it's nice to see somebody due around when I am! We can swap symptoms and stories.
:wave: Hello, I am due August 06th. Hope we all have a good 8/9 months and I'm glad other people are as keen to post as me :lol: .

Congratulations on your pregnancy - hope things start to look up for you soon x x x :hug:

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