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    Apr 28, 2005
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    I had this strange dream last night.....wonder if any of you have had dreams about babies before falling pregnant.

    I was at a family function and had 2babies...twins...one boy and one girl...everyone was sooo happy and the babies were gorgeous.... i was in a panic as i hadn't prepared for them i.e. buy clothes or blankets or general baby stuff. My mother was giving me baby clothes....then i was breastfeeding my babies....

    It was soo lovely

    and then i woke up and felt this horrible ache in my heart!!

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    if this helps my dad had a dream i was pregnant 2 weeks before i found out i was pregnant lol
  3. Guest

    I had a dream that my mum told me she was 10 weeks PG the day I realised my af was late - did a test and I was PG!!
  4. joan

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    May 18, 2005
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    I had the opposite dream last month. I had been trying to interpret every little thing as a sign (mild constipation, mild mood swings etc etc), but then one night I had a very brief dream that AF arrived. The next day, the thought popped into my head from my subconscious: "If I was pregnant, I'd know." And I didn't know it, so I knew I wasn't.

    So later that day, when AF arrived she was expected.



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