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Come Dine With Me


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Jun 11, 2007
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Is anyone else addicted to this brilliant programme?
I love it! :cheer:

is it back on again? I haven't seen it on for little while :think:

:D It's ace isn't it? It was on Channel 4 last week but not this week but it's always on More 4 - yesterday there were 5 episodes in a row :cheer:
good i thought i was the only sad one..my lil vice is every sunday
i watch the omnibus on more four..the whole weeks episodes
in one go so you dont have to wait a week to see who wins!

i love it! theres always at least one really bitchy competitive person!
and dramas going on! hehe
I love it too - I think I'm addicted! I'd love to go on it, but can't face the thought of having to cook fancy dan stuff and people nosying round my house!

Valentine Xxx
:cheer: I love it!!
esp on a sunday when they play a whole week on more4
i've a strange addiction to it also, did you see the one with the 'spritual' woman in Wales, man she was such a bitch!
Yeah i love it to and so does OH, we like the people who think they really are the next jamie olivers and their food is gross..........lol
sparky said:
i've a strange addiction to it also, did you see the one with the 'spritual' woman in Wales, man she was such a bitch!

do you mean the one who kept marking everyone either 1 2 or 3
so that she could win? she was a right witch!
I like it too but I've seen all the ones that they have done

Time for some new ones I think!
i absolutely LOVE it!!!
every sunday you can watch them back to back in the afternoon
It's hilarious!

I saw one in Wales once with some grey haired moustached guy who took the real hump with the other bloke for some reason and kept slagging him off. It was so funny :lol:

Would any of you do it? Someone should apply!!!
i'd end up ordering in takeaway-lol
i would like to go on it if i had a bigger house!
ooh please someone apply it'll be so exciting!!
And there was me thinking it was an invite to your gaff for tea lol!!!


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