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    Hi all

    My little boy is 2 months old.

    He is formula fed and can be a very fussy eater.

    He will take his bottle, you stop and burp him then after that he is really fussy and often just plays with the teat in his mouth and won’t drink it.

    I was wondering would it be ok to let him drink all the bottle first then wind him after?

    He’s currently having 4oz or 5oz bottles.
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    Dec 28, 2016
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    I hated burping DS. It was the worst part of the newborn phase for me, was sitting there for ages trying to get him to burp. He was a windy baby with slight reflux issues and it was just hell.

    I would say giving him the whole bottle probably isn't a great idea, but each baby is different.

    How are you burping him? Does he get anything up when you do before you try to give the bottle back?

    If you're unsure you can always ask his health visitor / clinic about some tips on burping and feeding because sometimes babies just aren't straight forward :(
  3. Looloo1986

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    Oct 24, 2017
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    Sorry to hear your little one is struggling with wind. Mine was the same. She would fuss half way through a bottle because she had wind and couldn't take more milk until we had cleared the wind.

    It took a lot of different winding positions and often a nappy change mid way which sometimes brings a burp up before she would feed any more.

    Good luck I hope you find a remedy soon xx

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