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body toning kits for post baby tummy ??? advice??


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Sep 18, 2006
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sorry if this is in the wrong section but i need help :

OH wants to buy me one of these for crimbo as i wanted one since LO was born as he was 10lb 14.5oz and my tummy is horrrriibbbllleeee all muscles are stretched saggy.
see link:
http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/p ... 2Bkits.htm

have any of u tried any thin similar ? are they any good ? please help dont wana get one if there crap ?

help ?
Hun, these things don't work.

In order to provide enough electrical stimulation to burn fat and tone your tummy, they would have to hurt you. They are only useful to stimulate muscles in people who are in hospital or immobile so long periods. They can keep muscles active, but they can't give you a six pack..... :(

The best thing you can do is get an ab roller (much cheaper) or just do plain old fashioned crunches. It's harder work but the only thing that'll help......

:hug: :hug:
i brought one of these, takes soooo long gettting all the pads stuck on and the wires in the right places, just to be annoyed by a stupid little shock every so many seconds hahaha

i wudnt recomend, i took mine back and said it didnt work.

i just learnt to love my mummy tummy and will get a tummy tuck when ive had all the babies i want.
I wouldn't recommend buying one, everyone i spoke to said they were crap, i'd save ur money and stick to the free exercisers that will do more for you.

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