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Jul 16, 2005
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I am not sure where to post this, really, hope it's the best place!

I don't think it is such a usual thing to do here in the UK, but in France, we do send birth announcement cards to people we know (not just family)
And today I have just ordered mine (in French!!!0)
But it is actually possible to order them in English, provided you order at least 40. Thought I would share the link with you, as I really like the variety of cards they have.
You can order online, and change your details when baby is there, so no problem with bump's name/DOB and other details! :D
It's all written in French, so if you need help, don't hesitate to ask me!

here is the link:
and take naissance (birth)

here is the link for the one I have chosen! hope you like it! ... e&type=FPM

mel xx
Hiya Mel

Your birth announcement is lovely! - I wish I had those links 3 months ago - I ended up paying a fortune for mine because we ended up buying them from America. The shipping was about $30.

I know for next time, lol!

This was mine.....I was pleased with it, just had to sell the house to pay for them hee hee

Sorry my post was too late for you! :?
your card is soooooo cute as well, I love the picture!
I have decided not to go for one with pics, as I don't know if we will be able to take nice pictires enough for a card...and I want people to come and see us...I am a bit cheeky :lol:

Hope your little Kyran is doing well :0 ...what a lovely name!

Mel xx
Good ploy- Although I'm sure people would come and see your little cutie pie anyway.

Not long to go now!!!!:)

That is a lovely idea :)
All my family and friends got was a text message at 5am after he was born :lol:

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