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omfg :shock:

weve just reseved one of each, the red beast for alana and the pink one for her cousin jessica.

cant wait for xmas day... they can race around the garden lol
They are fooking ACE

we had bam modelling them in Halfords the other day.... We bought them in ready one for Bam and one for Leo ;)
are they big???? hope i can fit both in the car lmao
You'd ahve pissed urself if ud seen me MAKING them fit in my car :D

THere not ABSOLUTLY huge... but there not tiny, the motorbike box is MUCH smaller, as you have to build most of it up, were as the moped one is almost fully built and is a fair big box...
which wud u say is the better one... i cant decide which to give alana and which to give cousin.

im thinking sister in law can build the bike hahaha
well were back with 2 scooters and i have to say the red one is really crappy looking in real life, and we had reserved one of each :wall: but i acted dumb and pregnant and very hormonal and made them think they made an error and i wanted 2 pink ones :rotfl:

even though they were out of stock of any more pink ones, they found us one :cheer:
I much prefer the pnik one too, but i decided to get the red one for me nephew as im sure looking back he wudnt hvae appreciated riding round on a pink moped ;) hahaha

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