Baby Dropped at 29 weeks?


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Mar 14, 2005
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This is my 2nd pregnancy...I am 31 weeks...I posted a question a while ago about when baby drops (on a different pregnancy forum)...And I was told that in subsequent pregnancies baby doesn't drop until you are about to go into labor...Well I have been really uncomfortable lately...Tons of BHC's, backaches, vagina pains, etc etc...And I can feel the baby in my vagina...It feels like he is kicking right through it...So I mentioned all this to my OB today and he checked me...He said my baby is way down there...He could feel him during my exam...He told me that he shouldn't be down there yet...Told me no sex, no tub baths, no strenuous activity, and anymore pains or BHC's to go straight to the ER or we will be having this baby too early...He said he was very concerned about cervical changes this early...Now I was already in shock by now and didn't ask what he meant by cervical changes...And now of course I have a million questions running through my mind...Maybe some of you can help me out some :/
He didn't say I was dilated any...Just mentioned cervical changes...Since he could feel the baby does this mean that maybe I am thinning out or effacing?
Has anyone else been told that baby has dropped too soon and still gone full-term?
Am I at higher risk for PROM?
Or any other comments or advice is appreciated...Thanks everyone
Hi sweetheart - sorry to hear what's been happening. I don't have any knowledge of this myself so I don't want to hazard a guess and worry you if I'm wrong. Just remember that at 31 weeks baby can survive outside you uterus, although obviously will be a bit poorly.

Try to relax, as hard as that probably sounds.

Sending you my love, I hope everything is okie. Haven't heard from you since that post.... xxx
Thanks for the replies...Just thought I would post that I am doing good so far...I think I will be alright if I follow my restrictions...I was just scared to death when my OB told me this...I go in next Tuesday...I will update then if anything else comes up...Thanks again ladies...
I would be too hunnie. Take care and look after yourself and bump.


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