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Apr 21, 2005
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Well after my last post im sorry to rant and rave!
I saw my boss today very breifly, and i asked her what was going on about my parent craft classes, she told me she was late for a meeting (surprise surprise) but she needed to "discuss" it with me. I asked if i could go to my first class tommorow or not, and she said she would need to discuss the issue with me first. so that was a no!
Im getting myself all annoyed because im sick of the stress, and i know im going to have to go to see my MW to "ask her for a note" saying she recommends classes, even tho she has already verbally told me this!!
what would happen if they do refuse to let me go??? would it end in a tribunal?

GRRRRRRR.....sorry again to moan about stuff, feel lke thats all i do!!!
you girls are fab!!! :lol:
Aw Hels - I had a boss like that - everything was more important than dealing with his staff's problems. If I were you I would go to your parent craft classes anyway. If he has a problem then he can deal with it after! Get yourself a note from the midwife to recommend it and they can't refuse then. If they do, you go for it and take them to a tribunal - they are discriminating against you and should not be allowed to get away with it!

Try not to let it upset you - easier said than done - I know.

Let us know how you get on. Good luck.

Hey Hels,

Sorry to hear it didn't go to plan. Your boss sounds like a right jobsworth (is she anti children or just jealous?!!)
I agree with Sunshine totally, go to your classes anyway because she will just keep fobbing you off and never 'discuss' it . Tell her you will be out of the office and for how long or say your leaving at whatever time to go to the classes (what time are they?)
For years I was always walked all over by many people and saw how others seemed to 'get away' with things and I realised I needed to be stronger and often it was how you say things. Be polite but tell her what you are doing rather than asking her. What can she do, she can't refuse you, if she starts to have a go or tells you you can't go, simply say tribunal and walk away. It's very hard to do but you will feel so much better if you stand up to her. The first time I stood up to a manager (very scary!!) they actually said to me after, that they respected me for standing up to them - I was extremely shocked and still shaking at this point! -

If it is all getting too much and stressing you get signed off fo a while.

Good luck, I hope it works out in the end for you without too much grief. Be strong.

Nicki.xxxx :D
Hi Hels, sorry to change the subject slightly, but I was just wondering as we are from the same area, I haven't been offered any parent craft yet are yours through your midwife at the health centre or at the hospital? mine don't start til the end of november.
well they havent refused, just not allowed to take them in work time, must look at doing them in an evening, or at weekends.
Yeah. great.
Kim ill PM you tonight!
Hels they are refusing then. Tell them you want that in writing otherwise you will go to them. You are entitled to paid time off for parentcraft classes and anything else that your midwife recommends.
I would honestly look at raising a grievance against them as they have 28 days to respond to it. To be able to take them to a tribunal you will have needed to raise a grievance against them. I'd also speak to ACAS again.

Grrrrrr I feel really angry for you!
hi + thanks
Im so frustrated that id have to go in my own time or on my precious W/E.
The bloke at ACAS was a bit useless and he told me pretty much what you said rosieroo, but it took him half an hour!! by this time i told him that i was none the wiser, but it didnt matter any way, he relpied "ok then, thanks for your call"
I dont want the hassle of having to go thru a tribunal my pulse has gone up again today 107 at rest! lol.
think ill just go on a night a week, i dont have a valied enough reason to say to my boss as to why i cant go on an evening, other than I CANT BE ASSED!!! LOL far too tired after 8 +1/2 hour day at work, and an hour each way to drive. all i want to do when i get home is snuggle my dog and have a cuppa and plain choc digestives!
So sorry to be moaning on about this again!
Oh Hels :(

The worrying thing is that if they are dragging their heels over parentcraft classes, what else are they going to be doing the same over? They are denying you your rights, which really sucks!

Do you want me to come over and bash them with my big fat belly? :wink:
LOL....thanks Rosieroo!
Im waiting for a call back from my MW regarding the situ, Im hoping that she'll back me and say i should go during the day. but we'll see.
I totally admire you for going thru with the tribunal, good for you!¬!!!
feel like ive got to think up excuses now as to why i cant do the classses on a night and W/E
Well ill keep you posted!
Thanks xx
hi...well have spoken to my MW and also to my boss says it is unreasonable to expect to use half a day out of my working week, SHE did hers on an evening, so it is expected that i do too. If the classes werent 10 - 12 and at say 4-6 i could leave early from work and that would be reasonable, but to use 12% of my working time is not reasonable (my god...even worked out %!!)
my MW is coming to see me on sunday to look at other options available, she said that MW and hospitals dont do theirs on a week end or evening, but the GP may. My boss said that as i have 8 weeks off before baby, then i should also consider using that time (as she says MW suggests is best time) for classes.
do you all think that iam am being unreasonable???
I have just passed her my DTI book, which she is now scouring for get out doesnt mention anything about being reasonable!
any way......this is getting really boring now, so im sorry yet again to be a moaning miserable cow.....
hope your all getting on ok???
Hopefully she'll see from the DTI book that she is on very dodgy ground and let you go during working time. She can call ACAS for advice aswell, which she should do really.

How has she been for paying for time off for other appointments - scans and antenatal etc?
Hope this helps:

About 30,000 women a year are sacked, made redundant or leave their jobs due to pregnancy discrimination, the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) has said.
The BBC News website looks at pregnant employees' workplace rights.

What rights do I have at work while pregnant?

The legal rights of pregnant workers are guaranteed under the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and the Employment Rights Act 1996.

Your employer should arrange for you to have a workplace assessment once they know of your pregnancy.

The aim of the risk assessment is to pick up on any aspects of your job which may endanger your health while pregnant.

In addition, full and part-time pregnant employees are entitled to take paid time off to attend ante-natal classes and health check-ups.

What protection is there against discrimination?

Under current legislation, workers should not be passed over for promotion, have their pay docked or be sacked purely because they are pregnant.

If, for example, a pregnant woman is sacked after being late for work due to a bout of morning sickness, she could claim discrimination.

What maternity rights do I have?

New mothers are entitled to 26 weeks off, regardless of how long they have worked for their employer.

Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) guarantees to pay 90% of average earnings for the first six weeks of leave followed by 20 weeks at £102.80 per week.

New mothers are also entitled to take another 26 weeks of additional leave.

Any additional leave is usually unpaid, but some companies will contribute.

What rights do I have when I return to work after giving birth?

You should be allowed to take up your old post on the same money as before.

However, if you take more than six months maternity leave, you lose the right to get your old post back.

Under such circumstances, the employer is duty bound to offer you suitable alternative employment.

If a worker is made redundant while on maternity leave, the onus is on the employer to show that they have not been discriminatory.

Since 2003, workers with children under the age of six have the right to ask for flexible working arrangements.

The employer can refuse but only if they have a good business reason.

What workplace rights do fathers have?

Fathers have far fewer workplace rights than mothers.

During the pregnancy, they do not have the right to time off to accompany their partner to ante-natal classes or health appointments.

Following birth, they are entitled to two weeks on Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP) £102.80 per week or 90% of their average weekly earnings if they earn less than £102.80 a week.

Fathers of children under six have the right to request flexible working.

What action should I take if I think my rights are being ignored?

For starters, the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) recommends that you talk with your employer about your grievance.

Hopefully, you can sort things out without having to go to an employment tribunal.

Put any complaints you have in writing, keep a diary of what is going on and make a record of any emails received.

If you find that your concerns are not being dealt with, you may be entitled to take a case to employment tribunal.

However, be aware that you must make your complaint within three months of the discrimination taking place.

The EOC runs a helpline for people considering taking a case to tribunal. Its number is 0845 601 5901.
She has been ok with other appointments, she is adement that iam being unreasonable about want 1 morning off a week, my midwife is coming to see me on sunday and were going to discuss opitions, if i decide i cant/wont do classes on an evening/W/E then she wants my MW to write it down giving reasons why not.
my boss said in her 18 years of being a manager that she has never had a pregnant lady ask her for time off for parent craft. i thought it was just the "norm" what every one did, i have never meant to be awkward. im going to do a poll to see how many others take time out of work, or would be allowed time out of work for these classes.
She did say to me that the DTI book was only a 'guide' not law.
Cant believ im getting upset and stressed with all this rubbish, and i sound like a broken record!#thanks a million to you all xxx
It's the law that you are entitled to time off for parentcraft classes.

You are not being unreasonable for asking for that time off, you are trying to exercise your legal right.

Hels - I think it might be worth you having a free 30 minute consult with an Employment Law solicitor, that was the best thing that I've ever done. At least then you will know where you and your employer stand for sure, legally.

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