8-10 dpo… neg… just had brown spotting ??

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    What are the chances I could be pregnant ??

    My first pregnancy was a complete surprise so I found out a few months into it. My last one was intentional and I am a POAS addict, so I got a light + on 8 dpo.

    I track my cycle and this cycle I got a + OPK. I’m 10 dpo if I go off of my tracker predictions, but 8 dpo if I go off of the OpK. I’ve been testing for a few days (bc I’m ridiculous) and everything has been negative, but this afternoon I went to the bathroom and there was old, brown blood when I wiped. I haven’t spotted in between cycles for 4 years and when I have it’s usually bright red blood.

    is it possibly implantation bleeding ?

    My boobs hurt, my lower back hurts and yesterday and the day Before I had lower pelvic cramping. I’ve been moderately nauseated, not vomiting though, which sometimes happens right before my period or during, but my period is at least 7-9 days away. I worked 12 hr days last week and thought that was why I was tired?

    Is there a chance I am pregnant ? If it was old blood from implanting, would that mean the cramps were possible implantation or does bleeding happen the moment of implantation ?

    Has anyone here had a similar experience and gone on to get a bfp?
    Thanks all!

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