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10% off at Mamas and Papas TODAY only

Well, obviously just me who went - needn't have bothered printing out the voucher either as there was a woman handing them out at the front door - so much for being organised.

Anyway, we've decided (though gorgeous) the stuff in there is a little above our price range so we're going with one of the ranges in Babies R Us and just gonna buy some of the cute rockers & stuff from M&P when Maurice gets a bit older.
Mama's and papa's stuff is lovely but I agree it is very over priced. We'll be getting a lot of our stuff from Babies r' us cos they do have some bargains, for example they do a moses basket for £24.99 compared to mama's and papa's £89!
I have the M & P catalouge and they do seem overpriced so i just looked for ideas.

Debecca which nursery range you going for? I dont want to copy! :rotfl:
im not that keen on m&p tbh had a few buggies and they all broke :shock:
Well I bought the Silver Cross 3D today (thought we were also looking at M&P Pliko) so sounds like I made the right decision paradysso! Went from reviews on the internet and forum discussion but it's all very confusing.

Anyway what with Boots 20% off AND triple points weekend (effectively £1 back for every £8 spent!) AND going through Quidco AND 1% cashback on Amex I got the pram in all for less than £200! :cheer:

Had to buy it in Pistachio which I'm not 100% keen on but it was my MIL's favourite so she's happy :rotfl:
yeah i wud say silver cross is alot better then m&p, but wow youve had a bargain weekend, i always forget about quidco :cry:
I always forget about Quidco too but my husband is a money saver extraordinaire. He even searches for promotional codes so we got another £20 off as well.

Now I've just been buying the cot on Mothercare's website! We'll be skint! However, did get 8% cashback on Quidco and two promotional codes giving me free delivery and £10 off.

Gonna stop spending money now :rotfl:
ooh! The 3d is a lovely pram! You got a bargain there too :dance:
Sounds good Rebecca i dont mind the Pistachio but im hoping to get the Coast one if i can my mum is putting a huge chunk of the money to it so will have to wait till after xmas to get it although you sound like you got it for a great price you will have to get your hubby to find me another good deal after xmas :wink: .

Whats quidco by the way?
More info about Quidco:

It's a referral site, so you join up, and every time you click on a link to an external site (Boots, HMV, thousands of others) and buy something through it, Quidco give you a certain percentage of the purchase price back - so it's effectively free money. They get the money because the companies pay them a referral fee.

The first £5 or so you make in a year is taken by Quidco as an admin fee, but we made about £300 on top of that last year just by buying stuff we would normally have done anyway (DS Lite, Dishwasher, House Insurance) through there.

The house insurance was the best. We got it for £125 with £130 cash back. So it cost us -£5 :rotfl:

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