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What am I entitled to?


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Jun 8, 2005
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Hi All,

I know some earlier replies advised to go to the jobcentre but i'm not sure my circumstances are the same...

When baby comes along me and my partner will both need to stay in work full time to support our family. This is not an ideal situation however as baby would be away from us 8 hours a day...

What i would like to know is, after the baby is here what benefits would i be entitled to in both situations ie me and partner both working and just partner working with me at home...

If anyone can help or even point me in the right direction i would be most grateful - unfortunatly finance has to be a factor when considering this baby, as much as i dont want it to be

working tax credit
help towards child care costs

these will depend on your earnings

the baby will auto get

child tax credit
child allowence

if you phone them they will send you forms, or they have a website, not sure what it is tho
thats for the UK

if you live in a diffrent place then i would have no idea sorry

Well obviously you should qualify for Statutory Maternity Pay which is 90% of your current wage for 6 weeks (if you were employed by your existing employer before you got pregnant), and then 20 weeks of Maternity Allowance at £106, these payments start when you take your Maternity Leave which can be up to 11 weeks before you are due. This figures are dependant on what your current wage is though, but as you've said you work full time then I imagine you're definately earning enough. After you MA finishes, I think it will depend on your circumstance as to what you can then get. Things like Tax Credits are means tested, it would be worth going onto the tax credits site and trying it with just your other halfs wages and then with both to see what you can get there. You will also get Child Benefit, but I think thats only about £15 a week.
I think it really depends on your circumstances with regards to how much you earn, whether you own your own place etc. I know that all we will be entitled to is tax credits and child benefit. We have a mortgage and DH earns enough, but certainly not loads and it will be a struggle, but worth it to spend time with my bub.
thanks guy's, will have a look about and see what i can come up with!

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