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Discussion in 'Second Trimester' started by OhanaOf7, Apr 4, 2021.

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    Apr 4, 2021
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    I was actually doing really good anxiety wise this whole pregnancy, but now I’m just overly worried. I’m currently 15 weeks+2 and I went for my last appointment at my 13 week for the NT scan and NIPT test. On a good note, everything came back negative for what it was supposed to come back negative for, which was Downs, but my ultrasound tech took it upon herself to say that she thought she saw a ventricle in the left part of the brain that was slightly larger. When I brought it up to my doctor the following week, he said “yeah that’s what she said” but didn’t elaborate or talk much about it. Anyway, now I’m back to wondering if it is something I need to worry about or not. Sadly there’s nothing I can do about it until my next scan and so I sit here and worry until then. Everything I’ve read on the topic says that this is not something that’s diagnosed until 20 weeks but nevertheless, the technician decided to say something and now I’m worried sick. Please, anyone out there with any experience whatsoever?
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    Sorry no experience of advice but didn’t want to run and read! I’d of thought the sonographer thought there was a high risk they’d of had more scans and testing carried out on you, harder said than done but try not to worry and keep us updated! Sending hugs xxx
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    At my 25 week ultrasound they saw my son’s left ventricle had a little bit of extra fluid. He was born yesterday at 37 weeks, no issues perfectly healthy. I wouldn’t worry until the doctor tells you something is wrong! And always always ask questions. As soon as they say something that causes concern for you, ask.
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    I think your doctor dismissed the technician's comment since she didn't elaborate and it's probably not for the technician to make presumptions. I think your doctor would have said something if it were visible.
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    I have no knowledge or experience of this so can't comment on the specific thing you're worried about. But I think stress and mental health matter, so I think there would be nothing wrong in phoning your doctor and just explaining exactly what you've said to us here. That this has been playing on your mind, and you are finding yourself stressing and worrying about it and just wanted to talk it through with them.
    It might just put your mind at ease.
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