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    Hey everyone

    Ive been reading on here for a while so thought I would post n say hi :)

    Me and my OH have been ttc and this is our first cycle (this time - we were pregnant in 2007 but it all went sadly wrong) and because of things going on in our lives we are now at a point where we can try again :)

    So, I think im now 11dpo (last period started 17th jan and usually either 28/29 day cycle). My OH is in the RAF and went away this morning for two weeks. Did an early test yesterday but was BFN (although I dont think im due til Tues/Weds so still early days).

    Ive had cramping pains on and off for about 3 days now and weird twinges for a couple of days before then, some water like cm (TMI alert) which this morning felt like my period had started but on going to the bathroom it was just clear water like stuff.

    I dont remember having any symptoms at all last time apart from horrendous morning sickness from about 6 weeks.

    Im driving myself mad already as I feel so different to how I normally feel. I dont normally get any cramps at all until the first day of AF so I keep wanting to POAS lol and now hubby has gone away ive lost my voice of reason haha.

    Anyway, sorry for this long post, just thought id say hi and tell everyone my situation :)

    Babydust to all xxx
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    welcome! 11dpo can be too early - maybe you have calculated ov day incorrectly? the cm and cramps are definately a good sign. mayeb wait a few days and test again with first pee of the day? good luck!

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