need advice on my ring.


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Oct 13, 2006
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well, today i am wearing my engagement ring! :dance: its just come back to the jewellers after being resized (it was too large)

here's the thing: i have thin fingers. BUT i have fat knuckles :think:

when i put it on the lady said "yes that fits right, any smaller u wouldnt be able to get it over ur knuckle." and she was right, it just wiggles over my knuckle enough not to fall off but not so much as to cause pain.

its just that when its on, it slips round, so my beautiful pink rock and diamonds are wedged between my ring finger and little finger, or completely round the back :(

do u think i should get it further smallified? or are there some kind of special clips i can put round the back just to wedge in between my finger to stop it slipping? :think: what a conundrum!
In the summer and mornings and stuff your fingers swell too. My ring fits me great when I'm in the warm but as soon as its cold then it spins too. So you have to give a bit of leeway for that. :) Picituuurrreee!!!
I wouldn't smallify it any further. FWIW, my engagement ring keeps rotating,too. When I notice I turn it, but otherwise I'm not bothered.Also had to wear it on the little finger instead of ring finger during pregnancy because of water in my hands.

As long as it's not getting uncomfortable, e.g. because of a protruding stone I'd leave it as it is.
thanx ladies.

nickilubs will take some pics in a bit and post them!

mary70, thanx for the link, those are perfect. altho £3.99 was a bit steep and £3.95 for p&p on top of that- and i didnt need 10 of them anyway- so i googled myself and found another site that sold 2 for £1.50, with just £1.50 p&p. so iv ordered them! :D
I seen this and tought "Oh my god TMI Trix!"

Good thing it's your engagement ring your talking about :rotfl:

Kim x x x x x

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