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Discussion in 'Combination Feeding' started by Melanie3103, Apr 26, 2014.

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    I wonder if someone can help...

    I decided after 4wks of exc breastfeeding that we would start combi feeding as an interim measure until we change over to exc formula feed (lots of reasons) - until my milk has dried up, as i cant just stop 'cold turkey' as boobs would be too painful as i understand it.

    So today is day 4 - i have been giving formula for 2 of the feeds per day (usually at nights) and the rest has been expressed breastmilk - as my LO started hurting me. So hes on bottles full-time - expressed or formula. He has only breastfed directly once in the last 4 days when i couldnt get a bottle done quick enough (!)... But it was painful.. :-(

    At night ive not been expressing (do it before bed at 11pm and then not having to do it again til 7-8am). - so i've noticed that not only are my boobs chafing/bit sore from expressing now (!) but also the last 2 attempts 2pm and 8pm today that i couldnt get much.

    Anyone got any experience of milk drying up this quick ? Is exc expressing likely to dry it up quicker than baby feeding from me directly? How long does it take typically?


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