I am off out!!!!!!!!!! YEY


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Dec 28, 2005
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Off out on the p*ss tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dance: :dance:

might even have a boogie.... i havent had a dance since i had ellis... think i have lost my "moves" :rotfl:

i have a stinking cold and a temp too but NO WAY was i going to miss my one and only night out for the month!! hehe :rotfl:

Downing the disaronno (sp) and coke now it block it out!!! :lol:

I will throw a few shapes for ya misslarue!! :dance:

well see ya!!! not that anyone was as excited as me!! (apart from misslarue) :cry:

I am off to get wassssssssssttttttttttteeeeeeeedddddddd. xxxxxxxxxx
Have a lovely night Keeley......have a good boogie :dance: :dance:
Have a gret ime, the 1st peoper night i had after Olivia was in december our work do!

Wow how easy did i get drunk, we was home for midnight :oops: and had a stinking hangover the next day but it was well worth it tho :rotfl:

DF was just as bad too, he never really got drunk when i was pregnant if we went out (which wasn't very often) he would always drive and bring me home early :D
wooooooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooo partygirl arent you
Hope you had a good night and that your feet aren't too sore from all that boogying!!
Hi Keely

How was last night? Did you have lots of fun?

I am going out this saturday coming and haven't been out in town for 17 months, 9 months being pg and the 8 months Jacob has been born :shock: I am really looking forward to it but feel a bit strange about leaving Jacob for the whole night, he is going to stay at my mum and dad's for the night. I went out on my work's christmas party but was in by midnight and was miss sensible cos with work people, and have had a couple of nights in the pub but always been home by 11.30pm but this time I will be able to drink myself stupid and stay out till 3am!!!!

well!!!! I havent been on for a while but thought i would let you know...

I was home by 12.30!!!! I got pains in my back about 11.30 and when to the loo in the club and was ... well lets just say not very well in the bottom end!!! :rotfl:

Left got a taxi, got home with the shakes, cryin my eyes out cos i could get off the toilet and when to bed to sleep for an hr then awake all night :cry: :cry:

Could only happen to me on my ONLY night out for the month :rotfl: :rotfl:

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