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    Hello all,

    Sorry I've been hiding and haven't posted in a while. I don't know if I mentioned that I found an awesome midwife and am now getting the birth I want or not but yea prayers were answered and her and her team are awesome and AHHH I'm gonna be 38 weeks tomorrow :dance: That is 2 weeks til due date!!! And parents are coming in 2 weeks as well. I can't believe that I have spent 9 months with LO already. It went by so fast. I'm so excited. I hope all of you that I talked with in my first and second trimester are doing well. I've missed you guys things have gotten very busy getting ready and eveything. Just thankful we had the money to pay the midwife. And for the generousity of friends and family they provided everything we needed I think I have only bought like one clothing item for our LO. And that's it we bought the crib too that was it though everything else was a gift. So blessed. I know I will go crazy once LO is born though because we are waiting to be surprised to find out the gender. And then I will start piecing LO wardrobe together hahaha. I can't wait to dress our LO hahahaha and diapers too I am weird.

    Hope you all are doing good.

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