yes i think it can be. i've been doing a lot of reading lately and they say that dizziness and lightheadedness is common and fainting can be a result of the aforementioned
It is funny you should say that. I have felt very light headed, sick, dizzy and I have lost my appetite for the last three days. BUT I can't understand that it would have anything to do with pregnancy unless I ovulated on day 10, which I don't normally do. What do you think? I think too early! I think I am just hoping...I do feel terrible though.
you never know!
stranger things of happened. but it is hard when you are trying to get pregnant. everything feels like a sign but you don't know if it is a true symptom or if it is your mind playing tricks with you because you want it so bad!
I'm well into it now so i don't know as an early sign.

I'm off to docs to get it checked today anyways as reccomende by the out of hours doc. I'm still dizzy a bit.
As I said on your other thread it must be because you are running on empty because of not being able to keep anything down.

Maybe the doctor can suggest a solution.

I feel really guilty. My pregnancy seems to be fairly symptom free at the moment. (Touching wood vigorously :D )
I fainted at the EPU when they took my blood, it was awful I thought I was dying
LOL @ Kim, I nearly did whe i was in the other night and they put an IV in my arm :shock: Ouch! :x

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