Baby gone of feed??

Discussion in 'Kids Health' started by Merfairy, Dec 30, 2011.

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    Hi there, my baby is now 5 months and for the last couple of days she seems less interested in her feeds; this morning at around 4.30am she projectile vomited, I think most of what she had taken from thew bottle. I plan to cut down her feeds again to see if she is over full, not by to much though. Today has been tough to get her to feed, she has shown little interest in feeding. Overall she sees bright, but she has been coughing today.

    Any suggestions? I am a little worried, but she is my first so I am a worrier, but I have noticed the change in her feeding and she seems less hungry. I have started to introduce breakfasts, but she is not over interested in eating, though she is taking her breakfast.

    Should I go to gps? She is teething as well.. xx

    thanks x
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    Could be a few things, she's maybe less hungry, the teething could be causing her to have less of an appetite. If she has a cough she might be coming down with a cold. If you're genuinely worried then obviously see your GP but I'd be inclined to wait another day or too and if she stops feeding huge amounts take her to see the GP. They usually just say as long as they're feeding their fine but I'm no doctor lol.
    Hope she feeds a bit better today. Also I guess she's maybe just not as hungry just now just like we go through times of eating less.
    X x x x

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