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any1 watching channel 4 now


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Oct 13, 2006
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a prog called "help me love my baby"
omg im nearly in tears im gonna hav to switch it off :cry:

its about pnd its really really sad i feel so bad for that baby and her mum :(

im so releived it didnt happen to me and i love my baby to bits; i was really worried about getting it while i was pregnant- thank god i didnt. i feel so sorry for all those who arent as lucky :(
iv switched it off its too upsetting :(

makes me wanna go cuddle my baby and i cant coz shes sleeping!
Yea im watching it :( Its soooo sad :cry:
gosh, what she says bout her little girls bday being happy but it reminds her of the horrible birth, so how i feel bout Leahs birthday, on her 1st bday i was being happy and making a fuss of her etc but also thinking, gosh at this time last yr this happened n that happend etc :(
aww that was so sad.. next week a mum who loves one of her twins but not the other :cry:
that poor ladie so sad feel blessed that i never felt like that.
giving jayla big hugs
Its so horrible that nature can do that to a mother after birth, there should be instant love hormones kick in for those that need it.

I confess though i had a terrible labour with stephen and it wasnt love at frst site, but was aftera few days of cuddling and getting to know him properly it soooo was.
it was really sad, the girl was beautiful the really sad bit being the bit at the end where the stranger came in and she wasn't reassured when her mum came back in the room and she regressed back to what she was like in the beginning, that was heart breaking for the poor mum cos she had come such a long way.
I watched that,It was so sad,I had a great urge to hug Willow lots :cry: :cry:
does anyone know if it will be repeated and when?

kimheath said:
does anyone know if it will be repeated and when?
i think u can watch all channel 4 programs on 4OD online or something? not sure tho
i didnt watch the rest it was too sad :(

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