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Jul 27, 2005
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i am home and yes a day early i have had the worst weekend of my life and wish i could have come home on fri bout 2 hours after i got there!!

got there and me and my m8 were taking stuff in when she fell down the stairs and i cant drive so we were pretty much not going newhere, then braydon refused to sleep longer than 2 hours of a time both fri and sat nite and i have been running around my m8 like a headless chicken who has sprained her ankle!!! and i dont feel to well and spent half today crying on the phone to my mum begging her to come and get me which my mum and dad did thank god!!!!!

i am just so stressed out and waisted over £150 that i really cld have done with
Hiya Sarah,

So sorry to hear you had a crap weekend, what a bummer. These things are certainly sent to try us :( . Hopefully one day you'll be able to look back on it and laugh!

Here's to a better week :)

awww, sorry to hear that hun - and you were so looking forward to your trip too!

still, you have b's christening to look forward to now ( just spotted your ticker!) concentrate on planning that now! :D
its like in 2 months and i aint done anything apart from send out the invitations lol
make loads of lists!!! post-it-notes are your friend!!!! hehehehehehehe

it will fly over, aww, really sorry you had a rubbish weekend

i am getting induced tomorrow night!! :shock: duno what to do with myself!!! aagggghhhh!
sorry going to sound thick now lol but y u getting induced
good luck and hope it goes as easily as possible
got the onset of pre eclampsia ( high bp and protein in waters etc) so they'd rather deliver the baby than risk me going over due ( due date is friday anyway!) excited, scared and nervous all in one go here! :shock:

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