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    Hey there? How are you? I hope you're fine. Healthy lifestyle is important for us. Because it is main foundation the health of our bodies. Familiarize healthy lifestyle from an early age is one of the valuable things you can give to your child, so that the quality of optimal development. So I have some tips that might be able to apply. Here we go.

    1. Let Them Active Everyday


    A simple tips but very useful. Let them active, why? Because is essential for healthy growth. So at least let your child active for maybe about 60 minutes/day. And a mother has an important role for this activity.

    2. Familiarize Drinking Water For Child

    Water is the best solution to hydrate the body. And do not forget to limit the consumption of beverages containing high levels of sugar as the consumption for your child.

    3. Fruit and Vegetables


    Vegetables and fruits are very important to help the growth of your child. That's why we often give our children vegetables and fruits. Instead of continuing sweet foods like candy, etc. The content of nutrients in it can increase the vitality of the body of your child and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

    4. Stay Away From Gadget


    The gadget has become essential for parents, is it true ?. And of course, the children are also already know the name of this gadget. At least keep your gadget from the children, or put limits on the use of the gadget. Because the gadget can be addictive in children, which lead can cause damage to their eyes. It's better if you can replace the gadget with toys such as puzzles, or anything that could make them active.

    So enough for today. I hope my tips can help you. And sorry for bad grammar. At last enjoy your day, and see you in the next post. For more tips and info you can check TipsAndInfo :dance:

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