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  • Haha yeah. Well we wasn't sure whether to go for it or not but both would really love Esmae to have a little bro or sis. Trying to take the relaxed approach so been ntnp since about October but then properly ttc this month. Given us a time limit up to July this year, so not a lot of time :( But I'm not getting any younger so fx it happens, but if not it obviously isn't meant to be.
    Aaw good luck with yours and hope it happens really quickly for you. Will keep an eye out for your posts now then :) xx
    Hi my lovely. I don't really get time to get on. Not with working and having a very lively toddler! Who's is keep me on my toes! How's that gorgeous Noah? Good I hope. We still ttc but no luck yet. How about u? Hope I find u well hunni. Xxxx
    Hi my lovely. Only managed to BD once so far so think we r out this month. But hoping jan will be our month. I go back to work on January 5th so was hoping to go back pregnant!! Fingers crossed that we both fall quickly. You'll have to keep me updated with ur 'progress'!!! Xxx
    Hi just read your thread about MyFitnessPal. I'd like to add you to my friends but don't know how to lol. My username is vickyclare2013 if you'd like to add me :)

    Take care, Vicky
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