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Jul 7, 2007
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My FIL really likes Sangria and my OH wanted to get him some for Xmas.
I have been everywhere and cannot find any. Does anyone know anywhere that sells the disgusting stuff.
pssf... its dead easy to make... shame it's NAAAAAASSSSSTTTTYYYYY :puke:
:puke: I hate it too.

I've even just been to dodgy area of town to see if a certain shop had it but no!! He'll be getting something else that's just as rank at this rate.
I'm sure I've seen it in Asda or Tesco etc - not sure if it's only in the summer though. It is dead easy to make and has much more of a kick if you do it yourself :wink:
I've tried Asda and Tesco they don't stock it anymore. Lidl might be worth a try though. Or i'll order it online.
It;s in a black or brown bottle and is a BIG bottle with fruit on the label!
Thanks everyone FIL will be really happy.

So glad i'm pregnant then I don't have to have the vile stuff forced on me.
i remember getting really hammered on sangria in portugal, phwoar does that stuff give you a hangover
that's the first drink I ever got mildly drunk on :lol: :lol:

Bear in mind I've only ever been "mild to medium drunk" so it was quite an event

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