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  • Oooooh! How did your scan go? I have one on Wednesday now just because of brown old blood. Christmas and new year will be extra special! xxx
    Amazing! Its so exciting! I can't wait for that first grainy image on the screen, I'll find out my first scan date tomorrow, when December comes round, a lot if ladies will be able to relax! xxx
    Hey Charlie! I think I got my DD wrong, it's the 2nd of June! Either way, I'm happy. Ooooh a scan? Thats really exciting! I see the midwife (not mine as shes away for a few weeks) tomorrow for our first 'official' appointment! Will you have images taken? xxx
    Hi Charlie! Just seen your sig on a thread reply and my due date is the exact same as yours! It was figured out from Oct 2nd that I'm 7weeks gone (8 this Wednesday) My first pregnancy :) congratulations! Xxx
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